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Floating home rentals are an excellent way to test out the lifestyle before purchasing.  We make it easy for you to find your place on the water.  We provide the only online portal which pulls floating home rental listings from multiple sources so you can search all floating home rentals in one convenient location.  We will walk you through key things to consider before choosing to rent a floating home or rent at a particular moorage, as well as our list of Mistakes to Avoid.  Our Guides to help you understand the Floating Home Lifestyle, Floating Homes, and Moorages will allow you to feel like an expert on the first day your lease begins!

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Intro to Renting a Floating Home & Mistakes to Avoid

Renting a floating home is different than renting a home or apartment on land in several important ways.

Be aware that the requirements for renting a floating home at a moorage are typically more stringent than renting an apartment or home from someone because there are essentially two landlords – the floating home owners and the company that manages the marina.  You must have good credit and a clean background check at nearly all floating home moorages to be considered as a tenant.  Each moorage has a different set of rules and you must be prepared to follow them.  Landlords, typically, will not tolerate marina rule-breaking from their tenants because it places their home at risk.

Each floating home moorage will have different rules and characteristics – rules about pets and guests, the distance from the parking lot to the home, the effects of winter weather patterns, steepness of the dock ramps, internet connectivity upload/download speeds – which will all influence whether or not you enjoy your home.

The best way to prepare yourself in advance of a conversation with a potential floating home landlord is to review our Renters Guides below to help you understand which questions to ask and help you make an informed decision about renting a floating home.

Avoid mistakes when renting a floating home.

1) Don’t assume that a floating home listed for rent is allowed to be rented.2018-08-22T19:22:04-07:00

Every moorage has it’s own set of rules.  Most moorages don’t allow short-term or long-term rentals, subleases, etc.  And some floating home owners may not even be aware that their moorage prohibits them from renting out their own homes.  If a floating home owner rents our their home and that is against the rules, your landlord could be evicted themselves which would result in your eviction as well.  Due your own due diligence.  DO contact the moorage owner to verify that rentals allowed at the moorage.

2) Don’t assume that your landlord is in good standing at the moorage.2018-09-07T02:17:18-07:00

Half of all moorages are moorages in which the floating home owner owns the home but has a lease to rent the slip to which the home is moored.   This means that your potential landlord also has a landlord.  Moorage owners can evict your landlord for nonpayment of rent, committing certain crimes or for breaking the moorage rules.  For example, if you sign a lease with a floating home owner who is several months behind on their rent, the moorage owners could already be in the process of evicting the floating home owner.  This would result in the termination of your lease with the evicted floating home owner.  DO contact the moorage manager to verify that your landlord is in good standing and in no current danger of loosing their lease at the moorage.

3) Don’t purchase a floating home directly from your landlord without the help of an expert floating home real estate broker.2018-11-03T21:04:53-07:00

We say this NOT to scare you into using our services.  We say this with a sincere warning with only your interests in mind because we’ve seen the scenario happen too many times where renters end up losing upwards of $50,000 in the transaction.

This is typically how it has happened.  A tenant had been renting a floating home from a landlord for a while and then the landlord offered the tenant the chance to purchase the home from them before the landlord takes the listing public.  The landlord had even offered to “generously” carry the contract for them (which means that the landlord offered to loan the tenant the money to purchase the house from them, and the tenant is expected to make monthly floating home loan payments to them instead of rent).  Sounds great, huh?

No.  Do not become a statistic.  Get help – someone to represent your interests.  Even if it isn’t us, engage an experienced floating home real estate broker to help guide you through the process.  This transaction is NOT like the sale of a home on land.

Unfortunately, what we’ve seen happen is that the tenant trusts the landlord because, after all they have had a good relationship for the past few months or even years without problems.  Oftentimes, the landlord isn’t even aware of the actual value of their home or the extent to which major repairs must be completed and the tenant ends up paying too much for a house that needs upwards of $50,000 in repairs even though the house looks great and is updated.  We can protect you from this because we know what to look out for and we will have your best interests in mind.

If your landlord says that they won’t sell the house to you if you retain the services of a floating home expert broker, then chances are they have something they don’t want you to know about it.  Let us help represent you throughout the purchase process.  Our services typically will not cost you anything, but they could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

But, even if you don’t choose us, PLEASE, choose a real estate broker who has bought and sold at least 15 floating homes and knows what they are doing. DO seek help from an expert floating home real estate broker if and when your landlord offers to sell you their floating home.

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