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Floating Home Communities of Oregon

The Portland Floating Homes Moorage Page contains everything you need to search for your perfect floating community.

Floating Home Communities are different than those on land because they consist of neighbors who are brought together by of their love of the water.  You might have neighbors who enjoy sailing, boating, kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding or kite surfing.

But just like neighborhoods on land, every floating home moorage has a unique character and vibe, and will offer different amenities to its residents.

Portland and its surrounding areas of NE Portland near Gresham, Scappoose and St. Helens boast over 50 floating home communities – more than any other region in the world!

To help you make sense of the information we provide below on how the various moorages are different and why those differences matter to you, please check out our guide which explains everything from rented-vs-owned-slips to which of the moorage settings (natural/urban/industrial) lend themselves well to the water sports or activities you enjoy most: GUIDE: Choosing a Moorage.

Take Our Tour of the Floating Home Communities of The Portland Metro Area

Floating Home Marinas in the Portland Metro Area – Interactive Map


Orange Pin = Rented Slips                     Blue Pin = Owned Slips

***If you are new to floating homes and want to learn more about why it matters if your slip is owned or rented, check out our GUIDE: Choosing a Moorage to learn about some keys considerations to think through before choosing a moorage.

Floating Home Moorage Amenities – Interactive Table

This is the only interactive and sortable online floating home moorage tool which helps you find the moorage that suits your lifestyle. You can sort by column categories listed and you can also open a full-sized table (by clicking the option at the lower right-hand corner of the table) to expand the number of moorages shown on screen at once.

If you are at a point in your home buying process where you would like more detailed information about specific moorages such as the school district that serves the moorage, if pets are allowed, if you are allowed to rent out your home, on-site boat mooring options, etc., contact us – we have an extensive moorage database which contains many more details on every moorage to help you decide which floating home community best fits your needs.

Portland Floating Home Moorages

Floating Home Moorage Details – Image Galleries, Amenities & More

Our individual floating home Moorage Detail pages provide details and images of each of the 58 moorages to give you insight into what each of moorages have to offer.  Our Moorage Detail pages are searchable by river, major floating home area, as well as whether or not they offer rented or owned slips.

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In addition to our GUIDE to Choosing a Moorage and our Moorage page, Portland Floating Homes has additional exclusive detailed information about all 58 moorages including pet restrictions, boat dock access, moorage maps, internet speeds, and other amenities such as garages or RV storage, when you sign up as a Portland Floating Homes client.  Below is a sample of what you will have access to when you sign up as a Portland Floating Homes client to help you in choosing a moorage that best suits your lifestyle.

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We have detailed information about all 58 moorages including pet restrictions, rental rates or HOA fees, and other amenities such as garages or RV storage, when you sign up as a Portland Floating Homes client.  Call us today.