22 08, 2018

3) Don’t purchase a floating home directly from your landlord without the help of an expert floating home real estate broker.

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We say this NOT to scare you into using our services.  We say this with a sincere warning with only your interests in mind because we've seen the scenario happen too many times where renters end up losing upwards of $50,000 in the transaction. This is typically how it has happened.  A tenant had been

22 08, 2018

1) Don’t assume that a floating home listed for rent is allowed to be rented.

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Every moorage has it’s own set of rules.  Most moorages don’t allow short-term or long-term rentals, subleases, etc.  And some floating home owners may not even be aware that their moorage prohibits them from renting out their own homes.  If a floating home owner rents our their home and that is against the rules, your

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