The three moorages in St. Helens are located at the Port of Saint Helens on the Columbia River.  These are Max’s Moorage, Dillard’s Moorage and St. Helens Marina.  Views tend to be characterized by a wide river channel, hills, and views of nature.  It’s perfect for boating of all kinds. It is a great place to live if you enjoy excursions out to sea as these are the closest floating home moorages in the Portland area to the Pacific Ocean. This area is a great place for salmon fishing and a quick look into its rich fishing history will quickly introduce you to the local “june hogs” which used to be a common find for that area.  Because the commute from downtown Portland to St. Helens is about 45 minutes, the residents of these moorages tend to live and work in the community of St. Helens.  St. Helens is the county seat for Columbia County and offers many different stores, services, and restaurants.