North Portland Harbor moorages are located on a narrow channel of the Columbia River, between North Portland and Hayden Island and Tomahawk Island.  These moorages are located in a setting with somewhat of a suburban feel and enjoy access to amenities similar to neighborhoods on land.  This area is more densely populated than some other areas where there are floating home moorages.  In this area, there is easy access to a variety of dining, shops, services, roadways, etc.   There are views of boat marinas, other floating home moorages, bridges, waterfront residences, some industrial views, and some views of Mount Hood.  Depending on the moorage, walkability scores tend to be higher here than in any other floating home moorage areas.  Bike lanes and trails offer pathways to nature and commerce.

Like any urban Portland environment, commutes are susceptible to rush hours and traffic congestion moreso here than in moorage areas located further out from the city’s urban center.  This area is ideal for boating of all kinds.   Because of the boat traffic and marina activity, human-powered boating such as kayaking, rowing, canoeing, and paddeboarding, can be exciting and and entertaining as you become a part of this unique marine environment.  Interactions with wildlife is a little less frequent than in moorages in more rural settings.