There are four moorages south of the Sauvie Island Bridge which can be categorized as urban/industrial/natural.  Upriver from these moorages is the end of Portland’s industrial area and the upriver views here contain industrial buildings, power transmission towers and power lines in the far distance.  The views across the river and downriver are of nature and other floating home moorages, stunningly framed by the Sauvie Island Bridge.  These moorages enjoy a 15-minute commute by car to downtown that is largely unaffected by rush hour.  Boating and biking to downtown is fairly fast and bike lanes do exist along Highway 30.  The north end of Forest Park is across Highway 30 from these moorages and offers boundless nature, hiking and biking trails all the way to the city.  While there are some shops and a couple of restaurants in Linnton, the nearest grocery store is 5 miles away across the St. John’s Bridge which can take a long time to cross during rush hour.  Many residents who work in Portland simply handle their shopping needs in Portland before heading home, and use the Linnton convenience stores for that last minute emergency must-have item.  These moorages are in the Lincoln School District which is one of the top 10 highest rated public high schools in Oregon