There are 15 moorages north of the Sauvie Island Bridge whose character and views can be referred to as natural and rural. There is something really special about this area’s connectivity to nature.  All but two moorages are located across from Sauvie Island and its dike greenway where occasionally you can see flocks of grazing sheep.  The other two moorages, Sauvie Island Moorage and Mayfair Moorage, are on Sauvie Island itself.

Wildlife abounds – from sea lions tossing fish in the air and catching them to an epic battle between a bald eagle and a cormorant.  Some of these moorages are located in areas where the uplands cannot be developed.  So, these uplands areas serve as protected wetlands to wildlife and migratory birds.  Many of the moorages enjoy views of Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and Mount Saint Helens. Given the moorages are further away from the bright lights of Portland, stars and other celestial events are brighter the further north you head on the Multnomah Channel.

These moorages are about a 15-30 minute drive to downtown Portland.  There is a floating restaurant along the channel that boaters and kayakers alike frequent.  It is unique experience to be able to take a boat from your home to  local hangout where you can eat dinner under the sweeping views of Mount Saint Helens and be surrounded by other marine-loving patrons.  Although half of these moorages are located in Portland, Scappoose is the city in which most residents shop, dine and procure services.  Scappoose is a small but growing town and was listed in Portland Monthly as the top growing neighborhood in the Portland area in 2018  The number of and variety of shops springing up will be a appreciated by moorage residents.  Cyclists enjoy the route out Highway 30 to Sauvie Island.  Roads and trails in the Tualatin Mountains offer a challenge to cyclists also, just west of Highway 30.  Sauvie Island Moorage and Mayfair Moorage have similar characteristics, except they have easy access to farm-stands, U-Picks and nature reserves.  Their nearest large grocery stores and restaurant options are located off the island in St. John’s.